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Sometimes before you go big, you have to go small – we’ll be living in a 300 square foot camper while our 3,600 square foot house is repaired. Sure the kids are excited, they’ll have bunk beds and a pool outside the front door. Me, I vacillate between images of running screaming into the river being chased by a cloud of encephalitic mosquitoes and a serene evening sitting in a deck chair watching the sun set with my hair wrapped in a towel à la Raising Arizona.

But that’s not the latest – we have finally closed on our renovation loan and have our building permits! Our friendly neighborhood forester Joe Dunbar and crew have carefully removed six large trees to clear a path for the crane and scaffolding, and the kids and I have drawn up plans for the tree house we’ll construct while the real house is getting repaired. We may be going small, but we’re still thinking big.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”– Henry Ford

Mr. Ford sums up my current feelings regarding the renovation loan process. Ponder his words while I clean my gun.

Just in time for Easter, Architect Patricia and Engineer Tamara delivered their final permitting plans for Act One, Structural Repairs. “Woo hoo!” crowed Richard and Becky. “We’ll git r done!” drawled Contractor. “Not so fast,” announced the Money Lender, entering stage left in a holocaust cloak, “show us your papers.” “But we gave you our papers! Lots of them! Every time you asked!” cringed Richard and Becky. “Ohhhhh, but we need mooooore…” cackled the Money Lender, raising a bony finger towards them, “moooooore!” Close curtain, end Scene One.