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it seemed appropriate to decorate the front gate

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us but the house project is less hairy scary than a month ago and we’re ticking along again. Richard has taken charge of most of the decision-making and is doing a great job, easier after arranging his work schedule so he can attend the weekly Tuesday meetings. With architect Patricia’s help he has chosen low-e (energy efficient) glass for two of the huge south-facing panes (about 20’x12′ each), the sliding glass door systems, the TPO roofing material with a 20 year warranty, and the LG brand of split-system units (HVAC system).

Haskell has begun installing our infamous steel to hold the house together, the siding has been ordered, and Whittington Plumbing is ripping out old cast iron pipes to start getting all the plumbing in shape. Framing repairs are in the works in various spots around the house, which unfortunately included ripping up quite a bit of the parquet floors in the dining room that we had been hoping to keep. Sigh. There goes our ready-made disco. I’d already picked out the mirrored ball and strobe lights…watched some old Parkay commercials (since it’s pronounced the same). But fear not, Richard will find any excuse to wear his cerulean blue leisure suit.

Can you dig it?

Richard, my own personal James Bond, has now officially taken over. He has single-handedly ripped up the carpeting on all four levels and removed some tiling to discover kitschy parquet floors. He has scheduled a meeting with our team and has put together this nifty blog site. He’s kickin’ ass already.