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Bill Thorne and his team have installed the majority of the Berridge zincalume siding in super quick fashion. 
Honestly, no matter how crappy I feel about the problems that are still arising, I can’t get the smile off my face upon seeing the cubic shell starting to look like a house!

Patricia McQuaid, our architect, is back on the job and working remotely from Italy to help finish up. We are now getting quotes on the wood flooring installation and bathroom cabinet fabrication, but we can’t do anything until the builder and architect figure out how to resolve the waterproofing around the glass.

My one unwavering bright spot is the bathroom. Chris at Tile Market helped finalize tile choices and gave us his blessing, and Josh Eberling is lined up to finish installation in two weeks. Will this be the one item that is completed on schedule? I daren’t hope.

Meanwhile we’re enjoying the first siren songs of spring. The oak leaves began dropping the last week in February, followed by a serious pollen drenching that continued into last week, and this week the maple tree across the little side creek began dropping helicopters all over our camper lawn, whirling down and remind us of our childhood.

downed helicopters

helicopters on the pool deck

After six months of staring at a black plastic-veiled shell, we are overcome by the sight of plywood sheathing on the exterior walls and sliding glass doors and windows in place! Normal people may not get a charge out of such a sight, but normal people don’t live in 300 square feet without proper plumbing or heat/air. A huge shout out to Willy and his crew from Architectural Windows & Cabinets – they have worked until 6 pm the last two days to install cumbersome windows and sliding door systems on all four levels, and they’ve been in a jovial mood for most of it. Whistle while you work, indeed!

THAT'S what's underneath?!

Richard and I are on our own for a lot of the finishes and have been working feverishly to complete our research and make decisions. Today we ordered 2500 square feet of bamboo flooring, my dreamy dining room pendant lights, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom countertops, kitchen appliances, and a whole house tankless water heater. We are still finalizing bathroom tile choices but Josh Eberling will be here tomorrow to install the Schluter-Kerdi shower system and related Ditra subfloor in the first bathroom (supposedly rendering said bathroom a stand-alone floatation tank in case I fall asleep during The World’s Longest Indoor Shower, which I plan to commence immediately upon the grout being dry).

insulation around bath fixtures

Feel free to send ideas for an art installation or other reuse for our dear black plastic house veil…I’ll miss that sudden snapping sound at 2 am when it caught in the wind and woke me from a dead sleep, its funereal drape, the way it gaped in all the right places to tempt the driving rain…