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Hygema has removed the last bits of shoring holding up the house and deemed it sound. Glory day! Rather than attempt to express my sentiments on this event and the end of this renovation road which is swinging into sight, I shall defer to the words of Emily Dickinson:

The Props assist the House

Until the House is built

And then the Props withdraw

And adequate, erect

The House supports itself

And cease to recollect

The Auger and the Carpenter —

Just such a retrospect

Hath the perfected Life —

A Past of Plank and Nail

And slowness — then the scaffolds drop

Affirming it a Soul —

We have a green roof!

Not on purpose.
But there’s a few nice healthy patches of grass growing up there, tended by the bees and other fauna.
LEED certification is just a tiptoe-through-the-tulips away.

Now that the scaffolding company has installed scaffolding ALL THE WAY UP, Richard was able to climb up there and take a good look around.
Meanwhile Hygema is installing the last of the parallam beams along the roofline. Mark of Hygema told Richard that instead of messing with the roof before putting in the final huge beams, they’ll just slide them in all careful-like -with eyes closed whilst holding their breath? – before they even bolt any of the beams together. (Right now the entire house is being held up by steel posts and stacks of wood and nothing is connected.) I’m waiting to hear someone shout JENGA! so I can run for it.

Pathetic really, how elated we were to see the first parallam beam in. The thick laminated wood beam runs horizontally from next to the front door out to behind the house where it will someday support the upper floors above the workshop and one side of the new deck extension.

It’s the only beam currently in place, a teaser, just Hygema showing us what they can do. Amazing to consider they’ll have to cut and manhandle every one of those beams piled in our yard, starting with the first floor, wrapping around the house, and moving upwards.

I rubbed my eyes, I had to be imagining things outside my little camper window. Were there PEOPLE WORKING on our property? Monday Strickland Supplies put scaffolding up, three levels high on two sides. Lee & Cates, the glazing company, tried to remove one of the 20’x12′ panes of glass and couldn’t – the sound of a piece of glass that size shattering is something to hear. Other panes were safely removed.

Tuesday, the scaffolding surrounded the house and Hygema, the house movers/shoring company, had already jacked up the worst sagging corner of the house. Wednesday, all levels along the back of the house were supported by wood beams and steel jacks.

Our sexy renovation arbor

Our sexy renovation arbor

Thursday, for the first time, we could see the crisp, straight lines of each level of the house, returned to its original glory albeit still surrounded by scaffolding. Sounds silly, but we were utterly thrilled. One post that used to hold up a corner of the house now sits an easy two inches off of the ground. And here are some pictures.

Outside corner post of house now floating off the ground

My first “renovation” post on this blog. Ah, smells like progress.