We have been pedaling hard uphill for the last year with no real breathers, but we finally feel like we have gotten to the top of this renovation mountain and can relax and enjoy the view. Now we just have to watch for the bumps as we careen downhill.

I spent the weekend pulling up the last of the subfloor and all the pieces edging each room that used to hold down carpet, smiling to myself as I pulled up bits of the original red shag the Hatchers put in 44 years ago. The hvac ducting went in last week and we are cruising at a comfy 74deg inside and Butch from United Electric put in the three breakers we needed to have hot water (Whittington Plumbing had already primed our instant hot water heater). This week we hope to get the bulk of things done so we can MOVE IN. Dear reader, please smile indulgently and allow us this fantasy. After all, it’s easy to dream with the wind rushing by, eyes closed, no pedaling. And for the first time in a year, I have a limitless hot shower on my property. Ahhhhhh.

The contractor has lined up window waterproofing to commence this week along with installation of exterior fascia (wood to cover up and streamline all the post and beam connections). Richard and I have scheduled Rob Lytle to start installing the wood floors, Josh Eberling returns this week to start putting in the Schulter-Kerde system (instead of shower pans) in the second bathroom to prep it for tiling, Dandeneau Contracting is installing the custom bathroom cabinet and countertop in the first bathroom, Ikea kitchen cabinets and the kids’ closet system are being delivered Saturday, and Sears will install the refrigerator and double ovens next week.

Tune in next week to find out if any of this comes true…