I called Tamara. We had planned to engage her for our structural work anyway in this imaginary project, and here she already had knowledge of the house! She stopped by a few evenings later to talk with us about the house, a budget, and provide names of possible contractors who would be right for this unique project. She also mentioned the word “docomomo,” which I’d never heard before.

The next day my business partner called to ask the name of the architect. When I responded “William Morgan,” she told me she saw an article about him in that morning’s paper. That afternoon, our next door neighbor stopped over with a copy of the article, which said the local AIA (American Institute of Architects) had organized a walking tour of William Morgan public sites. Then I went online to research DOCOMOMO (an organization that promotes documentation and conservation of buildings reflecting the Modern Movement) and discovered that the William Morgan tour was in recognition of Docomomo’s annual day in October to highlight and celebrate modern architecture. Really, c’mon, do we need to be hit over the head?