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My outdoor coquina walls and I are developing an intimate relationship. For the past two weeks I have been slowly scrubbing, bleaching, and scrubbing some more in an attempt to restore the stone back to its original color. My nose hairs are fried, my nails are brittle from the long-term bleach and chlorine exposure, and my shoulders and back perpetually ache, but there is something immensely satisfying about washing away years of dirt, mold and moss and seeing the stone turn from black and gray to light orange and white. It’s like watching an old black and white film now sensitively converted to color. So THIS is what it all really looked like!

before and after

I had done a lot of research online trying to figure out how to clean the coquina with no real luck. I have to thank Claudia at Ace Hardware for encouraging me to first rinse the stone with a strong spray from the hose (not a pressure washer), get everything nice and wet, then spray on straight commercial bleach or pool chlorine and let it sit for a bit before scrubbing it clean. It has worked like a charm and hasn’t seemed to have eroded the stone or caused any discoloration.

Perhaps if Liam and Noel Gallagher spent more time huffing chlorine they would’ve forgotten their differences and kept the band together…Oasis Wonderwall video link

Richard went over to introduce himself to the neighbors on his day off, and he reported that our surrounding future neighbors were friendly, provided helpful history and information about the house and past residents, and were happy to hear somebody was finally going to fix up the eyesore. One of the neighbors was thoughtful enough to bring us some old articles published when the house was first built.

I started researching online about the various materials used to build the house and maintenance – the coquina rock, the pool decking, cypress siding. No idea if all the random knowledge I’m picking up will come in handy some day.