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More fun than brainstorming, perhaps not as productive. But a few hours into our sangria evening with friends and project colleagues Diane and Jorge Brunet, our architect Patricia McQuaid and her multi-talented husband Antony Rieck, we had a score of ideas for photo images to capture this project and to have a little fun. I won’t give anything away now, however I’m happy to share the sangria recipe (serves 6 thirsty of-age adults):

1 cup good brandy
1 cup triple sec
1 and 1/2 to 2 bottles decent red wine
2/3 cup frozen lemonade concentrate
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
slices of fresh orange, lemon, and lime
mix in a pitcher with come-hither lines and refrigerate overnight
just before serving, add 4 cups cold Pellegrino (substitute ginger ale if you prefer it sweeter)

Kids' self portrait while adults play

On our way back to the Hatcher house from our long day of meetings we picked up a few groceries for our last meeting of the day, happy hour with Jorge and Diane to discuss a PR campaign. They own and operate a multicultural PR and advertising agency and knew they’d have some great ideas to get us started. The intent was to review vendors and publications to approach about sponsorship and involvement with the project in the hopes of drawing positive attention to the project, adding to the unique nature of the place, and having a few additions for the scrapbook. It culminated in an impromptu dinner party complete with sushi, beers and children running about. I highly recommend a dinner party in a house you don’t own. And then skinnydipping. No not really. At least not yet…

I told our group that my theme for this phase of the project is Casino Royale. My dashing husband is the brawn, but it takes the wily Vesper (yep that’s me but without the plunging neckline) with her behind-the-scenes allies (that would be Bahman) to get the deal brokered. Once the home is purchased, it’s all Richard and I’ll sit back smiling sultrily (is that a word?) but with my fingers crossed hoping he doesn’t choke and take us all down with him.

I got home from work to be handed the telephone by Richard without explanation. After my tentative hello I got the response “Holy crap! It’s a Bill Morgan! You’ve gotta get it!” It was our friend Diane. I didn’t know earlier that day Richard had taken her husband Jorge by the house. After they broke in a loose door to have a look around, Jorge had gone home, pulled his William Morgan book off the shelf, flipped it open in front of Diane and said “I was in that house today.” Hence the call.

What I didn’t know until then is that William Morgan is famous in the Jacksonville area for his modern design; what I did know is that Diane and Jorge run Brunet-Garcia Advertising, are creative, and are plugged in. We had rummaged around in the ho hum housing market and found a treasure.