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Our architect Patricia has unveiled her first set of plans, which primarily consist of returning the home to its original floor plan. The one big change is an expanded back deck – it seems that it will be more cost-effective to build a glorious back deck overlooking the pool and river rather than ripping up and rebuilding the entire dining room floor for structural reasons. A bright spot in our structural miasma.

Unfortunately, my ongoing fantasy of doing yoga on my back deck gazing at the river, followed by a movie star bubble bath, has been interrupted. There is no bathtub in the plans we have just seen. And I have already purchased the rubber ducky. I’m off now to fight for my right to soak.

I’ve made it pretty clear to all involved that I want a bathtub. A four story house and no bathtub?! But as we went through the house today with Tamara, Patricia, and contractor folks, and I listened to them talk about the various problems with the structural integrity, all I kept seeing was the scene from The Money Pit where Tom Hanks just wants a hot bath but when he fills up the tub it goes crashing through the floor and he finally, finally goes insane. Perhaps I should start practicing that laugh now.

But I think I’m getting an inkling of how the team works…Tamara will draw up structural plans for the contractor, who will price the plan to repair the structure and implement Patricia’s design. Yep, that’s pretty much all I understand so far. They discussed a work start date of mid-February. Fingers crossed.

The one saving grace, the pool, is blue and beautiful. I need to call and thank Parry Pools for giving us one operational feature to enjoy. Y’know the pool sorta looks like a big bathtub…