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We were delighted and honored to have our home included on the Jacksonville chapter of American Institute of Architects’ annual DOCOMOMO Tour, this year focusing mainly on modern homes in the Arlington area. Despite the steady rain and our gentle request for folks to please remove their shoes, we had over a hundred people troop through and around our home. We met some amazing people with stories of their own and recaptured some of the childlike delight we originally had when we saw our home through others’ eyes.

Thanks to the local AIA for including us and giving us perspective on our project and to all the people who visited!

We just heard the news that Mr. Hatcher passed away on October 27. Our thoughts are with his family, and we are very grateful that he was so willing to share his time and memories with us about the home he built so long ago.

Closing at the end of the year was auspicious and all, but everyone is off doing silly things like being with their families, vacationing, relaxing, and suddenly also trying to keep warm in our first big cold snap. We just bought a huge project and nobody has arrived with tools and boots. Ok, we’ll be patient until Monday. Oh yeah, happy new year!

Well, really it’s about the closing, and Bahman certainly is the Closer. I expected to be nervous in the weeks leading up to this, but it’s the holidays and there are plenty of other things to think about and actively avoid. I did have butterflies that morning, though. It was a staid affair since the bank rep didn’t come – nobody to give the stink eye to – but Bahman requested the listing agent attend in case anything went awry, a very nice man. The bank got a large amount of money and we got a small key. I asked someone to take our photo for posterity, and Bahman surprised us with a bottle of champagne to celebrate…so we are waiting for the right moment…can’t be yet?

Bahman, Rebeccah, James (listing agent), Richard, bank rep after closing