Richard and Rebeccah buy a mid-century modern fixer-upper aka
“a house.”

Richard and I have in common that we admire mid-century modern design, but until now it was in a lackadaisical, bemused way.
Who knew we would have an opportunity to get up close and personal by purchasing and restoring the 1967 Hatcher House, designed by William Morgan, a house that was moving towards condemnation and drawing attention from investment buyers who saw it as a tear-down. Our adventure has only barely begun, and without the benefit of hindsight we’re forging ahead with this blog, hoping that we will inspire others to preserve and update mid-century buildings for how we live today instead of tearing them down or drastically altering their look and feel.

We didn’t start this blog until we closed on the place, I thought it might be bad juju to start without really owning it. So the entries through December 2009 are historical, but I included what I thought were the best bits.

Quick Hatcher House resume: 1967 AIA Regional Design Award and 1967 Society of American Foresters Award; featured in December 1967 Architectural Record, January 1968 Florida Architect, August 1968 Architectural Review, 1970 Vacation Homes.

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