I pulled a plethora of punches in this blog process. There was no benefit to us to express the extreme frustration we experienced with our builder, deadlines they generated that they very rarely met, responsibilities they continuously externalized to everyone around them, and their inability to control and account for expenses without steady pressure bordering on harassment.

Richard and I chose to be positive throughout the experience despite being told by many around us we should be angry, yelling, demanding, and threatening. Perhaps. I’m not sure that our house would have been completed without more delays, litigation, and costs though. And I think we would have lost every scrap of that magical feeling we had when we first bought the house and started dreaming of a life within.

There is a huge chunk of the population that just isn’t honest with themselves or others, despite our society’s rules expecting us to be. So we celebrate the moments of honesty we have with those we love, and minimize our time with the rest of the jokers.