Richard and I have decided to kick ourselves out of the nest (or camper as it were) and finish the renovation project ourselves while living in a home with no working bathroom or kitchen, and are forging ahead with our own plan and people. Might as well make things more challenging, we’d gotten so complacent in our wee place on wheels.

First step, got the building permit transferred to ourselves. Second step, create our plan to make the place livable – not done, just livable – including closing out the city permit and construction loan. Third step, line up our subcontractors and manage the project. Fourth step, arrange our work schedules to supervise all work (I mean, who needs to go to their paid job?). Fourth step, close our eyes, jump, and flap like hell.

Strickland Supplies has been supremely professional and kind in assisting us with arranging to keep the scaffolding a bit longer while the last of the exterior work is done, including Richard scampering around to remove every last nail and staple from our lovely bare parallam beams on all four exterior levels. Richard and I also stained all of the wood framing on the coquina cores on the outside, saving ourselves a bundle rather than getting a professional painter.

Blanchard Caulking and Coating folks are completing their waterproofing work, providing great guidance and advice as they went. Our continued obsession with water intrusion.

We were then delighted to see our home in the emperor’s clothes…sans scaffolding!