Against the odds, we arrived home Friday to find our four hvac units gloriously, and incredibly quietly, humming away outside the house. Then straight from a 30’s Fred Estaire movie, we swept in the front doors to have our hair and clothing softly stirred by cool, conditioned air. If a manufacturer rep from LG had been standing right there, I would have signed a contract in my own blood promising to tout the amazing benefits of their products for my lifetime.

Alas, Sunday was not a day of rest. Richard and I ripped up the last of the two layers of parquet and plywood that had been glued and nailed down in the dining room, I scaled the scaffolding and scrubbed clean 2 of the 4 coquina exterior towers, and I met with a fourth wood flooring installer, hoping this one will be the right fit at the right price. We also ordered all of our kitchen cabinets and talked through the final design for the master bathroom.

Almost time for the Clampetts to move from behind the cement pond into the big house.