I would think that any homeowner experiencing a massive renovation always takes some comfort in seeing movement and progress, no matter how minute. However, when you’re told by the contractor that completion is just weeks away, and even a week passes without seeing major progress, this particular homeowner goes a little crazy.

Dandeneau Contracting IS installing the birch ply ceiling panels slowly but surely, Butch from United Electric IS installing the lighting finishes in those ceiling panels, the drywaller IS doing a beautiful job on the installation. However we still have gaping holes where glass is supposed to go, such an awful job on the new roof that we’ve called do-over, we’re back to square one on a front door entry after weeks of wasted effort from various parties, and we’ve got a Change Order of Damocles swinging above us as the waterproofing is finalized.

Thank goodness we love, love, love our camper life so much. But wait, the camper owner needs her camper back in a few weeks…! Yes, we are happy to announce that we will be moving from the camper into the top floor of our unfinished home in a few weeks’ time, to languish on air beds and sleeping bags. Be careful what you wish for out there. It may make you loco.