My friend Annie recently completed an extensive kitchen renovation and most aptly characterized the renovation process to be akin to the title of this post. The idea of the coming baby is exciting, filled with romantic dreams of the future, unfettered by any problems or stresses. You picture it as a beautiful, transformative experience. Then the baby is born, you’re exhausted, you feel inept, and there are daily mundane decisions made on the fly that you later worry could affect the rest of your’s and the baby’s life.

In the last two weeks I have spent at least 10 full hours looking at light fixtures. 2 hours researching bathroom exhaust fans. 3 hours on bathroom tile. 2 hours on flooring thus far. This from a woman who let someone else plan her wedding. Meanwhile my children have turned feral and go to the bathroom outside when I’m not paying attention. Because I just found a stunning Foscarini light fixture online that I need to bookmark for my newest “child.”

Mundane details: United Electric has begun work, the HVAC installation starts tomorrow, the Windoor systems (most of the glass in the house) have been ordered, and the framers are doing bits and pieces on the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. We are pushing hard for a Feb 28 completion. (Do I hear hysterical laughter coming from the cheap seats? Or is it in my head?)

THE most exciting news in the last few months is that we finally, finally found our septic tank and drain field and it is sound and needs no maintenance. (See? With new babies we all get obsessed about body functions.) Immeasurable thanks to both my neighbor who helped me track down the prior owner, and to the prior owner who gave me all the information I needed as well as more history about the house.