This is our new goal – to have glass. Glazing. Windows. Sliding glass doors. Our own little micro-biosphere rather than a plastic-covered box. We are crossing our fingers that by the end of this month installation will have begun. For those one or two readers out there, please cross your fingers too.

The electricians are working away mostly diligently, the LG split system interior evaporators are going in (after Richard caught a few boo boos here and there) for our HVAC system, Jorgensen has completed 99% of the interior framing (it looks like a closet! hey it looks like a subfloor!), and the playroom corner post that had bowed out has been replaced. Insulation and sheathing of the outside is slated to begin next week, then on goes the metal siding.

Lots of details to go but we can finally imagine a finish line. I feel like Dennis after he gets through the wall in Run, Fatboy, Run.