We, or at least I, have hit a patch the last few weeks where I know empirically the project is moving forward – I see new pieces of steel bolted to the parallams, I see new framing in for the kitchen balcony, we now even have a new cantilevered roof over the entrance – and yet it feels that we’re running in place. Not to knock anyone working on this project, but a hot summer and wet fall is close to my limit for camper living and it’s hard to imagine getting through winter as well. (Did I mention it was 51 degrees Fahrenheit inside the camper for a day, before we got the heat working?)

Having said that, Mike and Matt from Dandeneau Contracting arrive chipper and charged every morning, working on new framing and flooring repairs (the balcony railings are gorgeous, the attention to detail), and Durwood has commandeered our deck table to every imaginable space on the ground floor in and around our house thus far, finding the best spot to work in while weathering the heat, the rain, the wind, and now the cold.

We continue to get news that shocks our socks off – something we thought worked that doesn’t, something we thought was settled that wasn’t – but I’m proud to say we have yet to turn to drugs and alcohol to get through it. It’s cheaper to just yell at the kids and each other inappropriately to blow off steam. Rip Van Winkle stumbled upon the ghost of Henry Hudson (English explorer, Hudson River’s namesake), had a drink, and went to sleep for twenty years. Lucky devil.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. Say, does anyone know how to remove a roast turkey that is stuck in a camper oven?