So of course we’ve had some hiccups along the way. Delays and confusion about the steel package. Yeah, see, we speak Builder now. Well, not really, but we have learned that the house requires a lot of custom fabricated steel plates to hold it all together. And steel apparently costs a lot of money. Who knew? Changes were made, papers were signed, and we shall soon be the weary owners of a pile of precariously stacked wood held together by comparatively eensy metal plates. (Yes we asked if we could just leave the scaffolding and shoring in place rather than get the steel but were told NO…something about meeting code…)

The bright spot of the week was news from the HVAC subcontractor (see, more Builder speak! “Heating, ventilation, air conditioning”). The LG brand split system we’re considering is likely to lower our electric bill considerably, not to mention allow us to raise most of the ceilings in the place from the claustrophobic 6 foot 7 inches to a more breathable 7 foot 4-ish. Perhaps we’ll recoup the steel bill in, oh, 50 years.