We have a green roof!

Not on purpose.
But there’s a few nice healthy patches of grass growing up there, tended by the bees and other fauna.
LEED certification is just a tiptoe-through-the-tulips away.

Now that the scaffolding company has installed scaffolding ALL THE WAY UP, Richard was able to climb up there and take a good look around.
Meanwhile Hygema is installing the last of the parallam beams along the roofline. Mark of Hygema told Richard that instead of messing with the roof before putting in the final huge beams, they’ll just slide them in all careful-like -with eyes closed whilst holding their breath? – before they even bolt any of the beams together. (Right now the entire house is being held up by steel posts and stacks of wood and nothing is connected.) I’m waiting to hear someone shout JENGA! so I can run for it.