It’s everywhere, behind every bit of fascia, under every eave, behind the beautiful coquina that distinguishes this house. Durwood, the site superintendent, literally pokes a stick at it and the wood crumbles and nails fall out.

Expected but disheartening, so many repairs to make. Now that it rains daily, Richard has carefully positioned buckets on every floor to catch the roof leaks that find their way inside. Patricia, our architect, had originally seemed to me a bit over-obsessed with waterproofing when we first began this project, but I now understand why, and appreciate her detailed focus on what to use for flashing, waterproofing, supports to prevent water damage and corrosion, guttering, roofing etc. Most of the people involved in this project have occasionally marveled aloud that the house is still standing, just the sort of rot we’re hoping to dispel.