What do you get when you cross a sunny day, a shovel, and a canine? My son’s latest riddle.

It was in the 90s today, humid, my clothes were soaked through after about 15 minutes at the new house. Summer here will be interesting. Our whole rhythm of life is about to change, much more sensitive to the weather. I realized I have signed on for an upscale camping experience except that I still have to go to work and pretend I’m not camping on weekdays.

Home sweet mobile home

Tony Rieck put on his game face in the heat and took photos for us while Joe Dunbar worked on stripping the pine trees of vines and clearing for pickup the rest of the oak tree trunk he fell  (about two feet in diameter). Some of the vines have grown through the chain link fence and are about 3-4 inches in diameter. We’re going to need a chain saw for this property.

Joe about 50 feet up

My new favorite store is General RV on The Westside. They have flamingo and palm tree lights we can string along our awning. And lots of stuff I never knew I’d need (as opposed to the aforementioned lights which I’d anticipated): large mildew-resistant entrance mat, clips to prevent the awning from flapping in wind, shade bubbles for the skylights, a cedar slatted platform for the outdoor shower, etc.

Kids got to see their bunk beds and the 10 inch tv sans cable and are delighted.

Kate in flamenco dress using pneumatic wood splitter with Justin

I am currently lying in my luscious king-sized, Sealy Posturpedic bed with 400 thread count sheets already mourning the experience. It might be the thing I’ll look forward to the most during this renovation. That and being able to raise my arms straight above my head while standing inside the space I call home.

View of house from camper

Signs of life - our temp mailbox and "no trespass" sign