Sometimes before you go big, you have to go small – we’ll be living in a 300 square foot camper while our 3,600 square foot house is repaired. Sure the kids are excited, they’ll have bunk beds and a pool outside the front door. Me, I vacillate between images of running screaming into the river being chased by a cloud of encephalitic mosquitoes and a serene evening sitting in a deck chair watching the sun set with my hair wrapped in a towel à la Raising Arizona.

But that’s not the latest – we have finally closed on our renovation loan and have our building permits! Our friendly neighborhood forester Joe Dunbar and crew have carefully removed six large trees to clear a path for the crane and scaffolding, and the kids and I have drawn up plans for the tree house we’ll construct while the real house is getting repaired. We may be going small, but we’re still thinking big.