On this beautiful spring afternoon, Richard, Patricia McQuaid and I met with Mr. Morgan to review Patricia’s initial plans and discuss proposed materials for the renovation. As a female, I delight in how much Bunny Morgan adds to these meetings, reminding Bill Morgan of design details and materials he has used in the past, making soft suggestions, and asking questions. When Mr. Morgan discovered that our design/build team is all females, he started referring to the “girls” handling this project. All the sisters out there, ya gotta love that.

A key issue at the meeting was to get his approval of Richard’s cause celebre, the corrugated metal siding we’ve chosen to use instead of replacing the lapped cypress siding. The metal is much lighter, weight being a huge issue with this house, and much cheaper, cost also being a huge issue with this house (duh). Patricia brought a sample of the siding for Mr. Morgan to touch, discuss and consider.

It was pretty obvious to me that he was not at ALL sold on the metal, and Patricia agreed to look into other options that provide the more defined line, shadow, and look of the lapped wood as he originally intended. But I’m taking Richard’s side on this one.