Today we met with our team to talk numbers – seven people in all representing architecture, structural engineering, and contracting. We felt like we had a Vegas entourage.

Per Wikipedia’s definition of blackjack options: “After receiving his first two cards and before any more are dealt to him, a player has the option to “double down.” This means the player is allowed to double his initial bet in exchange for receiving only one more card from the dealer. ”

We now have before us a full proposal from our team, which anticipates almost doubling our preferred budget (based on what everyone had told us to expect thus far). We have no idea whether that final card – project completion – will pay off.

I’m risk averse. Richard, he’s downright allergic. If we double down, we want assurances we’ll win big but there are none. If we don’t double down…hmm it’s a house not a card game. Or a house of cards?