Nothing is happening with the house on Richard’s and my end. I sat thinking about this today and wondered why I’m not bothered by that. We’re paying for a house we can’t live in, we are paying people to create plans and work on the house we can’t live in, we’re paying for a house we CAN live in that we keep freakishly clean and tidy in the hopes of selling it, but I’m unconcerned.

Why? Because our team is pondering. I love that. Patricia has gone away to think and plan and research and think more. Tamara has been solving puzzles regarding how to construct, repair and renew our house with careful respect for its origins. The contractor is pricing materials and labor and creating a timeline and budget based on Patricia’s and Tamara’s plans.

Life is so fast-paced here, there is so little thinking time. Or at least it is in our household. And for me it makes life a little flat. I treasure my time to ponder, to be creative and silly just to myself, and although I do have my moments when I get butterflies in my stomach because “nothing is happening” with the house, I know…I remind myself…that the pondering is the most important part.