With a few days until closing we stopped at the house to make sure all was well, and again a car pulled up and a woman was at the door. Yet another buyer trolling the property? To our delight she was not there to buy it. She had lived in the house 25 years ago and was just stopping to have a look. She reminisced about her time growing up in the house and people in the neighborhood, and she remembered a lot about the original interior details.

Patricia had tracked down William Morgan’s original brief, sketches, and photos of the house from the University of Florida School of Architecture archives, but until then Richard and I didn’t know that originally much of the furniture had been built in (master bed and night tables, kids’ beds and desks, stereo cabinet). Our visitor even remembered William Morgan’s chairs they kept out by the pool!

Sigh, I could have pictured myself sitting by the pool with a bouffant hairdo and cat eye sunglasses in one of those chairs. This house sure stays with people. I hope our kids will be back in 25 years with such strong memories. We feel pretty strongly now, we’ll probably go ahead and buy it.