Bahman called to let us know that the title company handling the closing finally got around to checking on code violations, discovered them, and has started to investigate. I reminded him about a possible outstanding lien. A week went by with no progress so Bahman called the city himself to see if he could help. He never waits long to spring to action. His call was answered by Sally Moooooney, who said the city was just too busy to help clear violations to allow the sale anytime soon. Her name doesn’t really have that many “o”s unless you hear Bahman say it with contempt. She was so rude to him that he called the mayor’s office to demand that the mayor go to that awful woman’s office immediately and fire her for her shocking behavior toward a member of the taxpaying public. Bahman is a better advocate than many attorneys I know.

Meanwhile Bahman was also pushing the listing agent about the city’s delay, so She Who Shall Not Be Named (the well-earned nickname of the bank rep) apparently got on the horn and got some dags rattling. By the end of the following day, the city had promised to get onto it pronto. They don’t teach this stuff in school, that’s fer sher.