After waiting for a response from the bank for a long while, the listing agent advised us that another offer had been submitted. The next day, a third party submitted an offer. Two days after that we were told there were one or two other parties interested but who had not yet submitted offers. This touched off a bidding war. Fishy huh? But again, thank goodness for Bahman, always reasonable, mostly calm, always two steps ahead of me. We went back and forth for about three days, and then I got a call at 5:15 p.m. that I have to provide additional documents by 7 p.m. that evening to have our offer accepted, otherwise the bank would take the other offer.

At 5:30, just after I’d been told we might have the house, the lender I had been working with called to say that our renovation loan would not be approved. He had failed to check the property taxes (available online with a few clicks) and had instead used a standard computer-generated number. Crikey. Don’t I keep telling everyone this is not a usual out-of-the-box project? So we might have the house but not be able to live in it.

I managed to get the documents together with a few minutes to spare, and then we STILL did not get anything in writing from the bank that our offer was accepted, just a verbal confirmation from the listing agent. Jeez. And I’ll figure out funding later. We couldn’t believe we finally had the house under contract.