A few days later Richard took Jorge, Diane and photographer/painter/engineer/renaissance man Antony Rieck to see the place. Legitimately this time, with the listing agent. They all had a good look around, with Tony providing a cursory evaluation by examining the roof, bulkhead, supporting columns, and pool. When I asked Richard how they got on the roof he said Tony hopped up lithely through the little access point, they gave Jorge a boost, and then Tony pulled Richard up like a little girl. That’s my guy.

After they all saw the house, Jorge and Tony decided they should form a syndicate to buy it, fix it up and do SOMETHING with it, just don’t let it get torn down. A syndicate?! It had all of their imaginations swirling. That evening Richard and I started talking about all the possible big repairs and a budget with nothing much to go on. Silly, naïve people that we were.

We already knew we would ask Patricia McQuaid of FORM Architecture to head up the project. We met Patricia through Diane and Jorge Brunet and had worked with her before. And Patricia is married to Tony, so I’m sure she was already getting an earful from him about the house. But the idea was too daunting to do anything with yet except talk about it.