Richard and I agreed we needed a good realtor to guide us through even thinking about this. I asked around and our architect Patricia McQuaid suggested Bahman Nakhai. Her quote was that “he has always been very sensitive to our needs.” In our first conversation I told him about this crazy house we can’t afford that will require years of our lives and is the wrong location and yet has excited Richard and me more than any other place…probably sounded a bit hysterical and scattered now that I think about it. But even as I spoke with him I began to relax and consider the whole daunting thing calmly. And it wasn’t because he said it would be easy. He had seen the house and the first question he asked me was whether my marriage could survive a house like this. What an insightful question! But I think I calmed in part because of the soothing, thoughtful way he always expresses himself, even when he is hot about something. He is patient and is always, always thinking. In that first long phone call we discussed the house generally and in detail, without once pushing me to include him. How lucky! We found another member of our team.